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Songwriting Workshop

with Matthew Sidney Parsons

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The Natural Objects Generative Songwriting Workshop is about unraveling metaphors in common things and using those things as a jump start for your next song idea. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, you can use this method to spark creativity, exercise specificity, and give your ideas a context to live in that creates forward momentum to carry you from that first great line to the final moments of a meaningful song.


In using The Generative Method for Songwriting, we are attempting to create a framework upon which your inspiration can be captured, and ideas constructed. This is a workshop for both writers who want to add tools to their toolbox and aspiring writers looking for a foothold in what can often be a mystifying artform.


The course fee is $100.00 and includes eight sessions total. There are four group discussions that each include a writing exercise, craft lecture, and song analysis. In addition, you will receive four individual sessions aimed at editing and generating material for your specific idea and your unique voice.


A link to the group discussion will be provided before each session. Official group and individual meeting times will be decided. If you cannot be present for the group orientation, feel free to email your schedule so that it may be considered.


Below, you will find a registration form and a separate link to complete payment. THIS COURSE IS CLASS-ACCESSIBLE. That means that if you feel you cannot afford the course for any reason, please register and include some of the specifics of your situation (what you feel you can afford and why) and we will work with you.


Thank you and I hope you join me for this next round of Natural Objects,


Matt Parsons

Course Registration

To register for the songwriting course, please take the time to fill out the information below. 

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