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About Us:

The Origin Story:

In 2013, Will Parsons and his family purchased 144-acres of eastern Kentucky farmland and woodlands that was previously strip-mined. They set about the work of restoring the land and carving out a sustainable and self-sufficient living for themselves.

What is the 144?

The 144 got its name from the original 144-acres that was purchased by Will Parsons and family. Since then, the 144 has stuck and it is the name of the original property and the farm itself.

Recent Developments:

In 2018, the 144 Farm began a fundraiser with the aim of creating a land trust to protect the land adjacent to it. Since then, we have raised $54,000 to protect eastern Kentucky lands. Our efforts continue.

The Collies:

The border collies of the 144 started with a dog named Reuben. He taught Will Parsons everything he knows about border collies. Since then, we have had many wonderful border collies and find them indispensable as companions and workmates.  

The Music:

The music starts where all music always starts and that is with the individuals. There are a lot of great musicians at the 144 and they are liable to appear in an almost endless combination of numbers and faces.

The Shop:

Will Parsons built his first fiddle when he was 13 years old. Since then he has gained renowned as one of the world’s finest mandolin builders, luthiers and instrument repairman.

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