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Below are artists we've worked with or are currently working alongside, whether it be collaborating on albums, tracks, or just friendships.

Sarah Kate moved to the 144 in March and has since started her own garden and helped with farming, alongside the crew. She recently received a job at Hindman Settlement School where she will be teaching & organizing musical activities and events with her dulcimer. We're sad to see her go but we're super excited for her next great adventure!

Sarah with the first pickings from her g

Megan Gregory has been working with "The Local Honeys" for quite some time! She plays fiddle, guitar, and vocals and has become best friends with Montana & Linda. Last year they toured all over Europe & China together!

Will Parsons has been playing banjo with "The Wooks" for a good while and has helped record some tracks on their albums and has played various gigs with the group and past member Arthur Hancock. 

Will with the Wooks.jpg
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