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Save Our Kentucky Home

This campaign is designed to preserve a unique span of Kentucky land that surrounds our family homestead. The land is a beautiful wooded area, about 204 acres, that has been minimally logged. The company that was logging it has paused their operation and is attempting to sell. In an effort to keep this land from being sold to extractive industries (coal or logging) or logged by the current company further, we are attempting to purchase it from the current holders.

Our family purchased the current homestead (known as The 144)  just a few years ago. We use the land to raise goats, sheep, pigs, cows, horses, herd dogs, and many other animals. We raise a few small gardens every year for the purpose of feeding ourselves and, whenever possible, our friends and extended family. Will, the patriarch of the family, builds mandolins and teaches at Morehead State University along with his partner, our matriarch, Megan Gregory. We have a family bluegrass band, Whistle & Fish, which you can find on Facebook or via one of the included links. Our goal is to be self-sustaining individuals and teachers for our community and state. All of this is threatened if we don't find a way to protect this land.

The land in question is populated by native hardwood trees, a multitude of native flora and fauna, and a rich history in the community. It is crossed by an old buffalo trail and local legend has it that the biggest white-tailed deer in Kentucky was shot on that property. It surrounds our own homestead on every side and we sincerely hope to prevent its degradation.

The land will be placed in a land trust or nature perserve and will be ultimately used as a public space and educational facility for our community and for all of Kentucky. We hope that our family and homestead offer new opportunities for our community and our state and that we can prevent our home from being ravaged by the destructive hand of extractive industries.

We are offering a large selection of rewards for various donation levels. Please donate whatever you can and know that you will have not only one of our many rewards, but also our unending debt and gratitude. 

As a show of our commitment, we will match the total donations with our own  finances. We can't afford to buy it outright, but with your help, we can save this beautiful piece of nature and protect our family homestead from the negative impacts of logging and mining.

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